So, I'd like to publish my ebook but...
what’s the best way to do it with this EPUB format?


With BackTypo I end up with
a well-made EPUB, and for FREE!

BackTypo is the authoring tool that allows you to produce and self-publish digital content directly without needing to resort to expensive conversion procedures.

The production of digital content today represents one of the biggest barriers hindering the development of digital publishing, and this applies not only to more intricate publications, but also to simpler ones, such as short stories or poems, which are almost exclusively text-based

Those authors or publishers who want to produce a digital version of their works are forced to use conversion processes that are not only expensive, but sometimes also poor-quality and inefficient, so that quite often their digital content, if it is actually produced at all, has a very low overall quality

BackTypo was created with the aim of breaking down these barriers by providing author and publisher with an integrated environment for the writing, editing, and sale of digital content publishing

It is a tool that sits in the back office (“back”) of a digital printing press (“typo”), remaining invisible to most, while providing authors and publishers with a tool with which they can produce and release content quickly, and especially make iterative changes, i.e. it provides them with the opportunity to correct any mistakes (“typo” again), make changes, and then immediately post the new content online